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What have you heard about 432 Hz Tuning? 

432 Hz. The magic number everybody is talking about. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, to have cosmic healing powers and to attract masses of audience to its music. It is said that by tuning our music less than a semitone below our standard A=440Hz we are promised direct access to the universe's hidden treasures. Well first let me say, that I support any opinion you have on this subject, and am in favor of everyone that searches avenues to find a closer relationship between themselves, and all of creation, as I do. In addition I love making flutes in both 432 Hz and 440 Hz as well as other frequencies. It seems as though some flutes are just asking to be tuned to 432 Hz..

My Opinion

Well, my spiritual journey has been vast and expansive for virtually my whole life, and early on I spent some time studying the mysticism of sound and music. A Sufi man named Hazrat Inayat Khan, devoted his life teaching such wisdom, and has written several books on the subject, He was a master, classical Sitar player, and reached the highest level he could with music, and eventually stopped playing all together, stating that the music was within him, and he devoted the rest of his life teaching about sound and spirituality. My understanding is that ALL sound is sacred. The first thing in creation was sound, which causes vibration, which causes matter, which is touchable. Every sound, frequency, tuning, is perfect and sacred, and pure, and there is no human, or conspiracy or agenda that can make any sound or frequency better or worse... it all comes from the beginning of time, and is a product of God/Creation/ The Great Mystery. I personally still prefer 440 hz tuning because it is a Universal language that was created for us to communicate and cocreate through music, and we can do so without even speaking the same language! It's not to say that I exclusively use 44o Hz, but I lean toward it because I often play with other pre-tuned instruments. I encourage you to try both frequencies, and if one "feels" more poweful, or connected for you, then go with it! I will continue to offer 432 Hz flutes(as well as other frequencies) for anyone who prefers them. There is a website called Ask.Audio that has done exstensive research, discussions, debates on this subject. I'll share a link to an article by Assaf Dar Sagol as he explores the facts and fiction behind 432Hz tuning.

The articles represents the views and research of the author. If you're interested to read the 432 Hz article by Lynda Arnold which sparked a huge debate visit this page: