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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share that we are now carrying hand pans.
SingingTreeFlutes Is Now Carrying Hand Pans(Hang Drums)!
Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share that we are now carrying hand pans. This is a steel, hand played several note percussion instrument that was invented by a couple in Switzerland in early 2000. Their company was PanArt, and their drum was called the "Hang Drum". Everyone who heard the magic sounds that came out of these drums fell in love, including me. Now there are around 100 makers world wide that produce versions of these hand pans, and about 30 high quality makers. These days, to get a high quality, well tuned hand pan from a reputable maker, it takes a pre paid order of between $2-3500, and a 2-3 year wait for completion. Most also have a lottery system to where your name has to be drawn before even having an opportunity to order. The lottery list can also be up to 10k deep with names as well. Over the years I've had the opportunity to play some high quality pans (original hang, etc) and some low quality ones. THERE IS A BIG difference between them! Early this summer I was offered a great high quality pan from my friend and long time flute customer , Thomas, who lives in Switzerland. He has a maker now that makes him a special line of very high quality pans, and he has been kind enough to send a few my way. I've since been on the search for some other nice pans, and have found a couple other sources. It's not easy pickins by any means, but I've found some possibilities to get a high quality pan without the wait. My retail prices are the same as the companies prices, and sometimes a bit less. I'm not doing it to get rich, just to let these awesome instruments pass through my hands and find their home. I've had no other instrument move me emotionally and spiritually than this one. Sound healing at it's best! And playing flute with them is amazing! Go to our Hand pan page on our website. We do have some available, and more on the way. Feel free to inquire about key and pricing. Here is an introductory video of me demonstrating the E Voyager Hand Pan!