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Exclusive Sale For our Email Subscribers!!
To show our gratitude for your long term support, We our offering10%off the Sale Price on all of our items on our website! Just type in the Coupon Code: october during checkout, and it will apply to your purchase price! We have some gorgeous pieces right now. Below are some examples. Please heck them out! (Click Photo To View)
  Low D Paduk Lynx
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      Curly Ash Aeolian Wolf Flute
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   Tulip Wood Horse Flute, G!
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    Cedar and Limba flute F 432 Hz
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Low A Yew Eagle Flute
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Ebony Dragon Low E
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Don't forget to check our drone flutes page, and rare and unique flutes. We have flutes available on all of our Catalog Pages
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Our New No Frills Student Flute! Great Sound!
Affordable price!
We now have a new line of inexpensive flutes available on our website, in keys of B, A and G. Great sounding flutes, with a no frills design... the take anywhere flute! Buy 2 get the third half off. Feel free to inquire! Check them out on our New Student Flutes and Economy Flutes Page. You can also watch this video describing our new line.
Featured Video
G flute with c Amara handpan loop by Miguel of Singingtreeflutes
So Here is a video of me playing a G minor flute with a C amara hand pan. I hope you like it! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channeland check out more of our videos.
The Rav Drum is my next love... Hopefully by the next newsletter you'll see some of those with flute!
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