Custom Flutes

Custom flutes are a SingingTree specialty! Some of our greatest works never reach the internet, as 30% of our business is custom orders. With custom built flutes, the possibilities are endless! We specialize in unique, one of a kind creations, from a huge variety of figured, American and exotic hardwoods (we use reclaimed and sustainable woods whenever possible). We do excellent turquoise, abalone and other gemstone inlay, as well as detailed woodburn art and elaborate carvings. We try and surpass the limit of what most people think is possible in creating native American style, double chambered flutes. 

We also do many different ethnic tunings from around the world in addition to our standard native American style tuning( pentatonic minor0, such as Celtic, Arabian, aeolian minor, Aka Bono, Sufi tunings and more. We will try to create the tuning you desire as well if at all possible. You can choose keys ranging from a high G (about 12") to an Ultra Bass Low E (about 45") in drone flutes as well as single flutes (some keys unavailable in certain exotic tunings). Please contact us to inquire about any custom flutes. Please allow 60-90 days to process custom orders. 

For custom ideas, you can Visit our Gallery Page. Also, you can have us duplicate any of our sold products by adding to cart( you may choose different woods and key if desired, though sometimes cost can increase). If the product says Notify Me instead of Add To Cart, we will get back to you with possibilities for duplication.


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