Native_American_ Student_Flute_fNative_American_ Student_Flute_f
Native_American_ Student_Flute_FNative_American_ Student_Flute_F
Native_American_ Student_Flute_fNative_American_ Student_Flute_f
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SingingTree's Made to Order! Native American Style No Frills Student Flute! F minor!


We can make these flutes to order within 30 days of purchase! Just add to cart and we'll get started! Here is our new "No Frills Student Flute!". A western Cedar, 6 hole, minor Native American style flute with a simle design, and an excellent tone! This is an ideal flute for any player that wants to keep the cost down, but still to play a professional quality flute! Experienced players will love these too! I perform and teach with these flutes.The sound is excellent, a super clear  and vibrant low tone. Thank you and Enjoy! 


Concert tuned to an F minor, 440 hrtz - Aprox. Length is 22 1/2", with a 7/8" Bore--- Maximum finger spacing is 1 3/8"( Holes 2 and 3, center to center of holes,)--- Distance From Mouth Piece to First Hole = 17"