Two Flutes

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"I wanted to write to tell you how delighted I am with the two flutes (one custom made) which I own. The woods are beautiful, and your choices of woods for the end caps and fetishes compliment the main wood perfectly. Your fetishes are not only unique, but they carry much power, grace, and beauty. The flutes are easy to play, with rich, resonant voices. I own approximately 50 flutes, and the two I have from you are among my very favorites. Your workmanship is superb, and your customer service is second to none. I am proud to own your flutes, and you can be sure that I will be doing business with you many times in the near future."

Bud (Walter)

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Thats it , if you can make the chimney 3/8" wide , would be perfect....I'm going to school , didn't know it was called a chimney but is real appropriate name. For what ever its worth, I'm an artist that paints on canvas Southwestern spiritual paintings,,, I think you have a real genius for the flutes and the way you do the creative bird fetishes on the flutes ... at 61 years old , its nice to find a flute you can just rest you breathe on when you play,,, I'm glad your in this old World , it makes a big difference to a lot of us,,, thank-you ..... Bud (Walter)


Dr. Marylin Butorac

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I have been playing the NAF for 15 years and have quite a large collection of flutes from many makers. I only recently discovered "Singing Tree" flutes and they are without a doubt my personal favorite. Miguel's flutes are works of art. They have lovely, clear voices, distinctive personalities, and feel like silk in your hands. Experience a "Singing Tree" flute and let your spirit soar.

Dr. Marylin Butorac, Director of Orchestral Studies, West Mesquite High School.